Does Zotrim really work?

Published: 27th July 2009
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There are a stack of diet tablets on the market place that all claim to lose differing amounts of weight in one shape or another. These range from complete chemical compounds that have a number of differing side effects, right through to natural components found in several products. One of these products is Zotrim. Zotrim is manufactured in the U.K. and has been on the market place for 10 years now. It was evolved by a team led by Dr.

For centuries Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana have been used by tribes in the Amazonian rainforest to help arouse their energy levels, Zotrim were the first to mix these extracts in concert to form a particular herbal product that could genuinely help with weight loss. The unique combining of these components culminated in the launch of the product to the Western market in 1999. It is these components that have made Zotrim so productive as a weight loss aid. Yerba maté extract is the main ingredient in natural slimming product Zotrim where it is complemented by extracts from guarana and damiana, two other South American plants. This synergistic combining of natural plant extracts already has a well determined effect on weight loss in humans.

To several separate scientific clinical trials have taken place to test the claims of the manufacturers and to find out wheter Zotrim really does live up to its claims. These involved;

Effect on weight maintence: Result, Participants used zotrim over a full year to sustain their weight loss.

Consumer study on weight loss and eating behaviour: Result, Average weight loss: 5.5lbs in 28 days

Gastric emptying rate study: Result, Zotrim: average gastric emptying 58 minutes, Placebo: average gastric emptying 38 minutes.

Effect of TV Viewing and Zotrim on snacking; Result, Zotrim: energy intake dramatically decreased when viewing TV, Placebo: energy intakes was significantly higher when subjects watched TV than when they chose not to.

Study with healthcare professionals: Result, 70 healthcare professionals took zotrim over a 6 week period, Average weight loss: 5.06lbs in 6 weeks.

These professional trials all came to the conclusion that, really, YES zotrim does work when used as indicated. This results in a elevated metabolic rate and a feeling of fullness for longer whilst eating.
These two noticeable effects result in the optimal goal of helping a person lose that weight they always wanted to. You can also be positive that you are not pumping any unknown chemicals into your body, only natural components that have been used for centuries. So self-confident are they of the efficiency of their product that the manufacturers offer an unconditional money back guarantee. And for those living in the UK, there is now the opportunity to get a two week free trial to test the product yourself.

As always, when zotrim is used in conjunction with an healthy eating plan and additional exercise as recommended by Doctors, then you can be assured that your weight loss goals will come to fruition.

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